Choosing a Good Photographer for Your Wedding


There’s a lot of planning involved for a wedding and one thing you want to make sure you have planned is a good photographer. A good photographer will make all the difference in the tangible memories of your wedding. You’ll want beautiful and clear photos that will last for years to come. How do you go about choosing a good photographer for your wedding?

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Referrals are often the best way to find a good photographer. If you have friends or family who has used a certain photographer, ask what their experience was. Of course, the friend or family member has to be someone whose opinion you can trust.

Maybe you’ve asked around and no one you know has personal experience with a professional photographer. What can you do?

Look in the yellow pages for professional photographer studios. Make an appointment with, not only one studio but a few. This might be time-consuming, but it will be worth your efforts to get the right photographer.

What Should You Ask the Photographer

Who will do the photo shoot?
Some studios have several photographers and they may send an assistant instead of the person you talk to.

What is the level of experience the photographer has who will be doing your photoshoot?
This may or may not be an indication of their quality of work. Some photographers are great with very little experience. Still, this is helpful information to know before making your selection.

Ask for referrals.
Any reputable photographer will be glad to offer referrals. If there is any hesitation, this might not be the person you want to hire. If you are given referrals, be sure to call them and ask if they were pleased with the service.

Each photographer has a different style
, just as an artist has a unique style. Ask to see photo albums of weddings the photographer has done photo shoots for. You may or may not like their style. Some photographers are more conservative in the way they do photo shoots and some are more trendy.

Inquire about cost.
Is there a deposit required? Are there any extra fees? Ask about the price of individual photos and also packages. Prices may be set or some studios may allow you to customize a package. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract and get everything in writing before signing.

How long after your wedding should you expect to receive your proofs?
After you get your proofs, how long will it take to receive your photos?

Discuss with the photographer what you have in mind for photos. Do you want photos taken before the wedding and at the reception? This should be made clear. Do you have any poses or scenery in mind? Does the photographer seem easy to communicate with and understand what you are aiming for?

Your wedding album will be a treasure and will tell a beautiful love story of when you said “I do”. Keep searching until you find a photographer who you feel comfortable with and will provide you with the best photos possible.

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