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How to Become a Wedding Photographer

How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Like any form of professional photography, wedding photography is an art form. Professional photographers are highly trained individuals who usually have many years of experience in their craft. Becoming a professional photographer is not as simple as buying a good camera and taking pictures; there is much to learn before an aspiring photographer can produce the quality of work that is worth the money. However, anyone who has a genuine interest in wedding photography can learn to how to become a wedding photographer if they are willing to invest the necessary time and money.

Things You Will Need

1. Camera
2. Experience

Step 1

Before you begin the somewhat daunting task of learning how to become a wedding photographer, you should first consider your motivation. If you are interested in photography because you heard that it is easy money, or because you have a brand new camera, you should reconsider your decision. Owning a camera does not make you a photographer any more than owning a scalpel makes you a surgeon. Also, keep in mind that professional wedding photographers have more than just one camera.

In addition to cameras, there are various lenses, flash equipment, reflectors and light sensors, which the photographer knows how to use. A professional photographer may carry as much as $40,000 worth of equipment to photograph an event such as a wedding.

Step 2 If you sincerely want to learn how to become a wedding photographer, the first step is to enrol in some photography classes, so that you can master the various techniques involved in professional photography. Most community colleges offer night school classes in photography that are both informative and affordable. Some people may feel disillusioned at the prospect of going to school, but remember that all skilled professionals have had to take instruction at some point in their careers. Plus, college credentials can prove to be a definite asset when you are trying to market yourself as a professional.

Step 3 There is more to learning how to become a wedding photographer than simply mastering techniques. A good photographer should possess a certain measure of artistic talent as well as knowledge about wedding photography in general in order to take wedding pictures that truly capture a couple’s special day. Some couples are not sure what they want in the way of wedding photos and are relying on the photographer for ideas. A good wedding photographer will have a vision of what settings and poses will look best when photographing a wedding.

Step 4 Once you understand the mechanics of photography you must practice diligently to hone your craft. Studying bridal magazines and professional wedding photos can be helpful, although you should be able to develop your own unique style as you gain more experience. You can also join online forums to network with other photographers to share photography tips. Wedding photography is not something to be taken lightly; the wedding photographer is responsible for capturing people’s most precious moments. You will not get a chance to do it over, so it has to be done beautifully the first time.

Step 5 Part of the process of learning how to become a wedding photographer involves learning to work with digital images. A truly great photographer is also a master of image enhancement. When pictures turn out less than perfect, they can be retouched using graphics software if you know how to use the software properly. Graphics software is also very useful for adding text, borders or decorative accents to pictures.

a camera in shelf

If you are willing to invest the time and money required to learn how to become a wedding photographer, you can be well on your way to a rewarding new career.


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