italian wedding photography


italian wedding photography

Are you a photographer looking for some information about Italian Wedding traditions?

Italy is well known for having a rich culture and a special tradition passed down from generation to generation, and their weddings are no different. Here we take a look at the best and most special Italian wedding traditions for you to remember as a wedding photographer

1. Confetti
Confetti is widely recognised worldwide as a coloured paper shape that is often hurled at the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. In Italian cuisine, confetti is a vibrant sugar-coated almond with a variety of colours and tastes.

2. La Serenata
In this intimate Italian wedding tradition, the groom organizes a serenade under the window of his bride, the night before the wedding. The groom then meets up with the band under the balcony of the bride and starts singing along with them.

3. Bomboniere
Bomboniere is an Italian wedding tradition that stands for gifts given to guests to thank them for their attendance at the wedding. Bomboniere usually contains a present, confetti, and printed ribbons.

4. The bride’s dress
The wedding dress has many superstitions, the major one being that the bride should not look into a mirror while wearing the wedding dress, before her big day. On the wedding day, only the bride should be in white for good fortune and blessings for the couple.

5. The bridal bouquet
For a perfect Italian wedding, the groom has to provide the bridal bouquet. This is considered as his final gift to his woman before they become a couple. The bride may be the one to choose the florals she wants, but the groom has to pay the bill.

6. La Giarrettiera
In the southern part of Italy, the cultural tradition is that the bride wears a garter that is thought to bring good luck to the bride. In a special moment at the end of the ceremony, the garden is stripped off by the groom and tossed to the guests.

La Giarrettiera

Bride wearing wedding garter on leg

7. Engagement
Engagement rings date back to the medieval ages and is now a common tradition all over the world. In the Italian culture, the man proposes to a woman, giving her a ring with a diamond representing love and a prosperous future together.

8. Bachelorette parties
In the Italian wedding tradition, these parties are an opportunity for family and friends to have fun. A night out with friends usually happens a weekend before the big day.

9. Groom’s tie
At the Italian wedding reception, the groom cuts his tie into many tiny pieces and offers it to the wedding guests for sale.

10. First dance
At the first dance, it’s an Italian wedding tradition for guests to hold streamers attached to the bride and groom’s hands as they waltz, and wrap them up.

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