Best Wedding Venues for photography

In Sydney, we are lucky to have our pick of perfect wedding locations, and therefore, perfect snapshots of your special day. For the more traditional, there are ample numbers of churches and indoor locations. However, if you enjoy scenery, perhaps consider gardens, a beach, or Sydney icons like the Opera House as your wedding backdrop. At Colour 18 Weddings, we accommodate for your taste and preference so you can comfortably plan your dream wedding. Below are a run-down of the most popular and picturesque locations.


1. Hickson Road Directly opposite the Opera House, framed by the Harbour Bridge, surrounded by water. You will never forget you got married in Sydney!

Tip: Close to the Park Hyatt Hotel and many other fine dining restaurants to have your wedding reception in style.

2. Botanical Gardens With 30 hectares of land, choice is an understatement. We can help you choose the best location, fa cing the water and surrounded by flowers.


3. Observatory Hill Park A magnificent panoramic view of Sydney Harbour, situated on a sloping hilltop. With a beautiful rotunda at your disposal, this location is perfect for an intimate ceremony for family and friends.


4. Jeffrey Street Wharf, Kirribilli A unique view of Sydney Harbour opposite Luna Park and framed by the Harbour Bridge. This location will certainly add to your wedding album.

5. Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre For those who want a scenic setting for their wedding. It is the perfect balance of man-made and natural, with wide rock-cut amphitheatre steps looking out into the harbour.

6. Coogee Beach A beautifully curved beach for those who love the water, and prefer a classic yet relaxed theme to their wedding.



7. Balmoral Beach A beautiful rotunda set against white sand and clear waters provides the perfect backdrop. Tip: Close to Bather’s Pavilion as a potential venue for a reception.

8. Chinese Gardens Add some culture to your wedding. This unique environment will set your wedding apart from others, and is ideal if you want to incorporate Chinese traditions such as the tea ceremony.



9. Clark Park Reserve Another unique angle of the Harbour, with the Harbour Bridge framing the left, and a great view of the city skyline.



10. St Thomas’ Church A beautiful old church with a gothic feel. If you want your wedding to be steeped in tradition and grandeur, the stonework and soaring arches will definitely appeal to you.

11. Curzon Hall A historic 19th century mansion that will provide grand ceremony and reception venues. It will definitely set your wedding apart from the others.




12. Auburn Botanical Gardens A natural peaceful setting provides a picturesque location for wedding photographs. With many gardens to chose from – amphitheatre, rose, scented gardens – you are not wanting for variety.

13. Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise Why not have your wedding on the iconic Harbour? Ceremony, photos and reception all professionally catered for.


14.Weddings rouse hill house farm




All aboard!
These are only a sample of our most popular venue locations. It is our goal to help you choose the venue that best compliments you and your partner’s relationship and personalities.