Ozphotovideo Studio FAQ

Photography FAQ

Do you customise a package?
Yes, We're more than happy to customize the perfect package for your wedding day. Please check our packages here first, and contact us for customising request.

Are there any hidden extra costs?
No, you'll get what's written on the package detail, unless there is a need for us to pay parking ticket, entry ticket or if we need to travel far outside of the Sydney metro there is a small fee, usually nothing big.

How many photos do you take? Do you put any watermark/logo on the images
It will depend on your coverage, but you will usually end up with 800+ images for a typical 6 hours package, or approximately 100 - 150 images for every hour of coverage, all of them gently enhanced, delivered electronically in high resolution with no watermarks of any kind.

When can I expect to see my wedding images?
You will receive your wedding images about 2-4 weeks from your wedding date.

How is album been made, When can I expect to see my wedding images?
Usually, you'll need to pick around 30-50 photos (Depend on the size of the Album) from your USB and upload via online drive such as GoogleDrive, Drop Box, OneDrive or send me the file name list via email, the album will take approximately 6-10 weeks to be completed and avaialble for pick up from us.

Video FAQ

What is the wedding highlight film? Do you offer them? All the best moments from your wedding day edited together beautifully in your very own personalised wedding movie. The length of your film will depend on the package you have chosen and is captured in Full High Definition.
Almost all of our video package has it included

What is Edited full-length live footage? It would be footage of the day in the long version, edited. Generally around 1-2 hours long for a typical full day wedding or 30-60 minutes for a 6 hours package.
Almost all of our video package has it included

Can you work alongside of other photographer/videographer? Yes. We can work alongside any photographer & videographer as we have done many times before.

What are drone videos? Do you offer drone video at all Aerial drone cinematography or drone video is footage captured from a birds eye point of view, above the wedding as it's happening and nearby areas. It's great fun to watch the drone fly by and if you're lucky, our pilot may even let you have a crack at it.
Yes, drone videos are available as upgrade option please check it out in our package price.

What is same day edit? Do you offer same day edit? Footage captured and edited together on your wedding day, made ready for you to play on-screen at your wedding reception. Yes, same day edit is available as upgrade option please check it out in our package price.

General FAQ

Do the photos and Videos have a watermark/logo? NO! Your photos are high resolution can be printable over 1m wide and free of watermarks or logos. There is no funny business with us – you simply get great photography at a great price!

Do you travel outside of Sydney Metro? Yes we do! While the majority of our weddings are located in the Sydney Metro, we do also travel alot outside of sydney such as Bluemoutains, Wollongong, Central coast, Southern highland, Snowy mountains, even outside of the country. Travel costs vary for locations outside the Sydney Metro, depend on the package you choose sometime we don't even charge travel fees at all, please contact us to let us know where your wedding is being held and we’ll let you know the cost – don’t worry, it will only be a small cost, in line with our affordable photography pricing.